No more hurdles for finding an internship!

We at InternsOrbit understand the importance of internship and its value in ones career. We created this portal keeping in mind the difficulties faced by different entities of an internship relationship. We have tried to eliminate each and every one we could think of and are striving hard to overcome the others.

Our Vision

We aim to get all the worldwide colleges and companies on our portal so that no student ever has to face difficulties like before for finding a Quality Internship which will make him/her ready for the real industry out there. In addition to this, we want the corporates to be able to analyze and choose amongst the trained Interns to work with them.

Our Approach

To achieve our vision we have planned to follow these three steps -

* Bring College as an entity in the
    Internship relationship triangle
* Make processes on-line to reduce the manual work
* Make opportunities available to students & companies
    based on their interests

Current Issues

Faced by Students

- No proper guidance or knowledge
- Difficult to search for a proper company
- Get manual approvals from college/company
- Internship timing conflicts

Faced by Colleges

- Finding companies interested
- Only tied-up companies are approached
- Find interested students and process them
- Manage paperwork over the years
- Manually making reports for university​

Faced by Companies

- Find and get approvals from colleges
- Conduct exams
- Providing certificates
- Manage paperwork over the years​

Where do existing portals fall short​

Existing portals are based on the industry-student relationship.
Only advertisements and their replies are covered – the procedure after that has to be done manually by the student/college/company

What does InternsOrbit have to provide?

This portal aims to build a platform, to bring all the entities related to an
internship program-students, companies and colleges, together and make the process of gaining and providing internships easier and paperless.


Bring College as an entity in the Internship relationship triangle

Company Advertisements

Connect colleges & students with companies which weren’t reachable before through advertisements

Student Verification

Each student will be verified by their current college or the first company.

Online Approvals and scheduling

Scheduling internships online by companies & removing all manual approvals and paperwork for colleges/companies.

Weekly progress reports

Weekly Progress reports of students by companies which can be viewed by colleges & students.

360-Degree Feedback

Each entity in the internship relationship is entitled to give feedback to the other.

Online Certificate Generation

On completion of internships students can avail their certificates online.

Report Generation

Generating reports based on different internships parameters for both college and companies.